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Welcome to Skyler's House!


I will never forget the day the idea for Skyer's House was born. I desperately needed to run household errands that I knew were going to take a long time--much longer than my loving daughter Skyler would have the capacity to endure. As a mother of an autism warrior, I was no stranger to her needs, but our support circle was taxed this day. No one could sit with her while I took care of the errands. She didn't require care just companionship and an extra set of eyes to make sure she was safe while entertained. Alas, there was no one.

I had dialed all our numbers, all the backup numbers, all the back up to the backups and had come up empty. In exasperation, I sighed, "Why isn't there some place that offers safe, affordable, and convenient care for special needs adults?" And, just that quick...the idea was born!

So, welcome to Skyler's House! We are pleased to provide a safe, caring, and affordable personal care option for your adult special needs children ages 18 and above. We help them to entertain and engage in a personalized environment while you are able to handle those things that you need to do--even if those things include self-case.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon and looking forward to your child's excitement when you announce "Let's go to Skyler's House"!


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